Dear Fellow Wedding Officiant,

For over two decades, I was blessed as a successful officiant for engaged couples in Phoenix. I am now retired because of a back condition that was affecting my focus when standing up for long.

This has shifted my wedding ministry to serving fellow officiant-ministers with the success of their businesses, including having the best possible wedding officiant domain name.

I offer my support so you can have the best possible wedding officiant domain name. A huge part of my two decades of success was a domain name that could (and did) attract an abundance of couples to me. For years I owned which was always on Google's page 1 (I sold it 4 years ago because another officiant/minister wanted the name (the keywords)for a different idea she had).

Below are 4 lists of domain names for officiants/ministers. You may see one that you like the look and sound of for your officiating ministry/business (each domain name listed has essential popular Google keywords that engaged couples search for daily. Let me know if I can help with anything. It's an honor and joy to keep serving and supporting fellow-ministers. Our industry is dear to my heart. It also serves me to stay active and to support myself.

Rev. Paul (ps: the photo on the home page will give you a sense of how much I enjoyed officiating - that's me in the photo)